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Modernize the operation of your company with processes automation and fully customized applications provided with Microsoft Power Platform.


How to be more efficient?

At OPMC we can help you

Many companies, from small to large, tend to have manual processes, paperwork, scattered information from different legacy systems, which do not interact or adapt to new products, processes and the permanent change in customer demands, losing competitiveness.

This type of situation leads companies to a loss of efficiency, speed and the risk of loss of business.

Process automation is something that today any company can face due to its ease of implementation and low costs.

The possibilities provided by Microsoft Power Platform are limitless

  • At OPMC we master this technology, to achieve efficiency where improvement is needed.

  • Together with our clients, we analyze the current processes, their systems and interactions, the tasks of end users and other factors that impact productivity.

  • With this initial survey, we provide you with a perfectly detailed proposal, integrating tools such as Apps -Power Apps-, Business Flows -Power Automate-, Dashboards -Power BI- and even Bots -Power Virtual Agents-, together with the data structure optimum for your operation.

  • Power Platform has hundreds of connectors so that applications can obtain and save information in other systems (Salesforce, Twitter, SQL, etc.) and allows custom connectors to be configured through APIs, in those cases where they are needed.


Some application examples

Contract automation:
Generate digitally signed contracts in Word, automatically completed with a template, from a database and trigger approval processes automatically.

Production and quality:
Record production data in an App from a tablet or cell phone that automatically generates inventory updates, quality control charts, barcodes, etc.

Support Tickets:
Automate support tasks for IT or non-IT users with SharePoint lists, automated appointment scheduling and reminders, user approvals, and more.


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